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How does 1:1 coaching help?

3-Month Ayurveda Program

You’re ready to completely makeover your health, fitness, and mindset, but need consistent guidance + accountability to break free from your unhealthy patterns. 3 months is the optimal amount of time to see, feel, and experience incredible results.

  • 7 Coaching Appointments

  • Weekly Accountability Check-Ins

  • Personal Health Assessment

  • Food Journal Analysis

  • 7 Day Custom Meal Plan

  • Meal Prep Guidance and Guide

  • Personalized Fitness Plan

  • Detailed session follow-up notes including action steps, articles, recipes and handouts

  • Unlimited e-mail and text support (M - F 9am - 6pm)


A one-on-one consulting service in which a certified health coach provides customized, tactical support to help you achieve your health goals. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, manage a new health condition, resolve digestive discomfort or create new healthy habits, health coaches create individualized programs tailored to your needs and provide practical, strategic advice and accountability.


What to expect?

Initial Appointment:
Complete assessment of your health and medical history along with your current lifestyle, eating habits and preferences; then we will outline your specific personal goals.


Future Appointments:
Accountability, assessment of goal-meeting progress, further nutrition education, addressing any challenges or problem areas, answering any food and nutrition questions that may have come up, and helping you to stay motivated and inspired!


After Each Appointment:
You will receive detailed appointment notes including recommended action steps, articles, recipes and handouts. All programs are completely customized to meet the client’s goals, unique needs and personal preferences. 

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