The sacred herb of Ayurveda

Pardon my delay in introducing you to Tulsi, also known as Holy Basil. No, not the basil found in your pesto pasta or on your favorite pizza margarita. I’m talking about the Ayurvedic superstar herb that should be incorporated into your daily routine immediately! Seriously, if you are looking for a herb that does it all - look no further. Tulsi, is a herb highly revered for its multitude of healing properties. For centuries Tulsi, which is Sanskrit for ‘the incomparable one,’ has been used to prevent disease, promote health and improve longevity. In traditional Ayurvedic medicine, the uses of tulsi are plenty ranging from pain relief to liver disease, to eczema and cancer. However, tulsi’s greatest benefits are its restorative effects on the nervous system, its ability to strengthen the immune system and its effectiveness in treating respiratory conditions.

As one of Ayurveda’s top adaptogens, tulsi is incredibly beneficial in helping calm the nervous system, decreasing stress responses and restoring energy. Drinking tulsi tea everyday can provide a calming effect thus reducing anxiety and depression while also improving clarity of thought.

With its abundance in vitamin c and zinc, tulsi has proven to boost immunity as well as fight off viral infections and diseases due to its antibacterial and antiviral properties. Incorporating tulsi to your self-care regimen is a no brainer when it comes to fueling your immunity arsenal.

Warming in nature, tulsi is a must to have on hand in winter and especially during cold & flu season. This incredible herb aids in reducing congestion and mobilizing mucus in the chest, thus making it effective in treating respiratory conditions including asthma, bronchitis and common cough.

One can benefit from Tulsi in all its forms be it dried, fresh and powdered. The easiest way to consume tulsi is in the form of a herbal tea. And if you find that the taste is not your cup of tea then you can certainly opt for tulsi as a supplement in pill form. Being an antioxidant, tulsi detoxifies the body as well. Therefore the most effective time to consume the herb is first thing in the morning.

My preference is to drink tulsi tea as that ensures another way for me to hydrate which I am rather poor at doing. I have tried several teas out there but my top choices are Organic India's Tulsi Original and Tulsi Lemon Ginger. The brand offers several varieties so I recommend browsing their selection.

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Have you tried Tulsi tea? What was your experience? Feel free to email me to share or even if you have any questions.