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Spare a few minutes for this morning flow


I don’t like to be the bearer of bad news, but I’m starting to see those "back-to-school" signs around the city, and that pretty much means that summer is coming to an end. Life is going to get busy once again and the routine you cultivated over the summer may be relegated to the "when I have time" list. And that’s ok - it happens! 😉

That said, getting back into the groove of things can be overwhelming especially when deciding what to prioritize. Personally, movement first thing in the morning is one thing I won’t skip out on - even as little as 3-5 minutes.


So why is morning movement important?

Well, according to Ayurveda, during the night while you are (hopefully) in deep slumber, your body undergoes various restorative functions as well as: 


  • absorption and assimilation of nutrients from consumed meals

  • muscle and tissue repair

  • cleansing of unwanted metabolic byproducts

Therefore movement upon rising is important for circulation, boosting the lymphatic system, and ridding the body of accumulated toxins and waste.

So instead of thinking of this as "exercise" - think of it as picking up the baton after your body worked hard all night to restore your health. All you have to do is move just a little bit.

Now here’s the cool part! Yogis thousands of years ago curated the perfect set of 12 simple yoga poses to get this done in the most efficient manner. Yes, I’m talking about Surya Namaskar a.k.a Sun Salutations


Don’t underestimate these yoga poses. They are not just stretches as one may think. In fact, each asana (posture) has numerous benefits and effects on the body. I won’t go into all those details but here are a few reasons why you may want to flow with Sun Salutations first thing in the morning:

  • activates the lymphatic system

  • improves peristalsis and elimination

  • stimulates the kidneys 

  • strengthens the digestive organs and increases the absorption of food

  • improves blood circulation and nourishment of tissues throughout the body

  • strengthens and improves flexibility of our muscles and joints 

  • activates all glands in the body including the adrenal, thyroid and pituitary glands

Check out this video if you are new to Sun Salutations.

🎯  Quote of the week

You can’t go back and change the beginning,
but you can start where you are and change the ending.
— C.S. Lewis

🍑Recommendation of the week - Recipe

Stone fruits are very much in season right now. Grab your choice of seasonal fruit from your local grocery shop or farmer’s market and try this super easy cobbler. It will not disappoint!

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