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Client Testimonials

"Absolute joy to work with Benny and work through my injury. More importantly to be truly present and nurture my whole Ayurvedic experience to new heights in a very wholesome way meant so much. Can't thank you enough!!!"
Paul B - San Francisco

"I had nearly given up on my health until I met Benny. I was feeling lethargic, weak, and in a state of loathing my post-child, pandemic-hibernating, forty something body. And because I wasn't moving much, the toll on my mental health was spiraling downward. In less than a year, Benny has helped me out of this pickle by setting up a practical health plan informed by ancient Ayurvedic health practices and easy-to-implement exercise + diet routines. I have lost some weight, gained back some muscle and most importantly, feeling better in my mind.

We started with a robust health consultation where we discussed all areas of my life and health history. It was like therapy! From there, Benny made some initial recommendations to address some immediate health concerns like allergies! I started with an Ayurvedic nasal drops and I don't have as nearly as many symptoms since. She also prescribed some Ayurvedic tea to help promote healthier digestion, which it has! I kept a food journal for a couple of weeks and she provided some feedback on what I could consider modifying without totally disrupting the meal plan I have for my family (you know how some diet plans are like, here's lettuce and unseasoned chicken with cayenne pepper lemon water for all of your meals and your kid is like, yeah right).

We decided to meet once a week for a 45-minute exercise session to keep me on track. This has helped greatly because without it, I find it hard to get the motivation up on my own. She also gives me exercise plans I can do during the week and so I have a rather low-cost, effective fitness plan (I loathe gyms, so this is something I can do from home). She checks in to give me nudges during the week which I really appreciate because left to my own devices, well, that's just it -- iphone, tv, couch.

I am so grateful to have Benny in my life. She has a really calming energy, but don't let that deceive you! just when you think you're going to have it easy, she insists on a minute-long plank and mountain climbers. I highly recommend Benny as a health coach. You'll be glad you have her in your corner."
Annie T - San Francisco

If you're looking for someone to help you find approachable ways to balance your mental and/or physical health, using methods rooted in ancient Ayurvedic healing, then definitely reach out to Benny! In our first consultation, she asked me for my wellness goals, completed an assessment of my health habits and lifestyle, and then shortly thereafter sent me a simple Ayurveda plan that addressed each of my objectives. Benny is a great listener and provides a supportive, non-judgmental environment to make incremental personal improvements. I also really like her newsletter, which provides great wellness tips, recipes and quotes 
Manisha M - San Francisco

"Benny is the best! I've been using her services for health issues and for personal training for years. She's great on both fronts.

I've suffered from seasonal allergies all my life. I've tried every type of antihistamine (Benadryl, Claritin, Allegra, Zyrtec, you name it) and Flonase. Nothing ever worked. Benny recommended Ayurvedic nasal drops and my sinuses have never been so clear! Also, my job requires me to work varying shifts. I had been taking sleeping pills for many years to help with the constant flip flop between day and night shifts. However, I started noticing some memory issues while on them. Benny was able to help me ween off the Ambien by suggesting a few lifestyle changes and herbal remedies, and my memory thanks her.

My favorite part of working with Benny is her personal training. Her workouts are tough, but engaging. I'm in better shape now in my 40's than when I was in my 30's!"

Evelyn C - San Francisco

Benny has the sweetest most calming personality. She’s a caring and empathetic practitioner/clinician. I had a myriad of small issues and sinus issues were creating a lot of pain in my daily life. I used to have debilitating sinus headaches that made me dread waking up. Benny suggested nasya oil and it has been life changing, especially during periods of severe sinus issues. I often deviate from consistent use when I start feeling better; however, every time I regress from my self care routine, I am humbly guided back to Benny’s recommendation of making nasal oil a priority. I can’t thank you enough for this simple yet life changing solution to my sinus issues. Thank you Benny. I am so grateful to you and your wisdom 🙏🏾
Pamuditha M - Fresno

Benny has been a total lifesaver! I've been doing workouts with her since right before the pandemic, and she's kept me in shape with in person and virtual training sessions. In addition to 1:1 workouts, her private group sessions were a super fun way to stay active and in shape with our pod during lockdown.

I suffer from chronic back issues, and Benny's done a fantastic job recommending ways for me to strengthen my back/core and improve my flexibility. Equally important, she's very conscious about telling me which common exercises to avoid so I don't injure myself.

For someone who isn't the most disciplined about getting regular exercise, Benny's positive encouragement and support both during and in between our sessions have made a huge difference in my staying active - she is a great personal trainer and health coach!

Meggy G - San Francisco

"What can I say...if it wasn't for Benny's workouts the last two years would have been far more challenging than it was.

She is a thoughtful practitioner that makes one at ease with her. I never thought I would adapt to personal training on Zoom but she made me look forward to each training session. The best part was she met me at my level of fitness and gently got me to improve my physical fitness.

If you are someone that suffers from feeling unwell or just want to improve your physical fitness I feel Benny can help you meet your goals. I'm in my 60's and my goal was to maintain my muscle mass. Working out with Benny I actually gained even more muscle and lost body fat."

Dipti G - San Francisco

Benny walked me through how to do a dozen different kettle bell exercises and provided holistic guidance on warm up, cool down, and how to build a program specific to my needs. Due to Benny's intelligent and thoughtful approach, I felt well equipped to do these exercises on my own without fear of hurting myself. She was also such a friendly and enthusiastic teacher. Couldn't have asked for anything better!

Joshua R - San Francisco

I worked with Benny over the course of months in 2021 as well as 2018. I was impressed with her knowledge on the topic. Both times I went to her for advice on herbs/lifestyle changes, she was very knowledgable and helpful. Overall, I was/am very satisfied with her overall approach and services

Ashwin I - San Francisco

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