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Nourishing your body, one meal at a time



Hope you had a fantastic January and an excellent start to the year. As we move into the next month I’d like to shine the spotlight on nourishment from an Ayurvedic perspective.

Through my work with clients, it has become clear that meal prep and eating healthy can be a pain point for almost everyone! Whether it is juggling a busy schedule, not knowing what to cook or how to cook, cooking for one or family members that don’t enjoy the same foods - the list goes on. Thus making time in the kitchen or planning meals feel like yet another chore.

Having said that, I'd like to share a tip that has helped several clients overcome this struggle— and that is shifting the perspective around meal planning. Instead of focusing solely on the action, perhaps it would help to remember that meal planning or cooking is an opportunity to ‘nourish’ ourselves; a chance to be intentional about the nutrients we are incorporating into our bodies. This shift in mindset can be quite empowering!

In fact, Ayurveda teaches us the concept of
‘prana’ - the life force or vital energy that sustains all living things. Prana is the air we breathe, the food we eat and the energy present throughout the body. The quality of prana is directly associated with the quality of our health. Therefore, Ayurveda emphasizes the importance of consuming foods that are rich in prana as they contribute to our overall well-being. This simply means nourishing ourselves with fresh nutritious foods, and avoiding processed and stale foods which are lacking in nourishment.

Keeping the concept of prana in mind will guide you towards healthier choices during your grocery runs. The simplest way to recall this is to consider prana on a continuum, ranging from freshness to long shelf life.

A client recently asked me the following question:
"I get the concept of prana, but I could use more guidance. While I enjoy cooking, there are days when I need something quick and easy. Could you give me a cheat sheet to help me keep healthier choices on hand?"

Here is the information I shared with her, and she happily informed me that it has alleviated some frustration associated with meal planning knowing that she is now able to make healthier choices.

Meals ranked in order, according to the quality of prana

1. Home cooked meals using fresh, whole foods are ideal. Here you are taking complete control of how you are nourishing yourself.

2. Home-cooked leftovers are your next best option. Avoid eating leftovers that are older than three days, as prana diminishes over time.

3. Refrigerated prepared meals are a good option, as they generally have a shorter shelf life.

4. Frozen section prepared meals are acceptable for convenience but are not optimal due to the lower quality of prana.

Tips for grocery shopping
1. Begin by exploring the perimeter, where you will find fresh and prana-rich foods. This includes fresh produce, meat, seafood, dairy, eggs and bread.


2. Move on to the refrigerated section. Here, you'll find hummus and dips, tofu, cheese, cold cuts, fresh pasta, fresh soups and broths, and prepared meals.

3. Explore the frozen section for quick options - keeping in mind they may have lower prana compared to the previous two categories.

4. When you head to the inner aisles, be mindful as these shelves house processed foods that tend to be lower in prana. Take a glance at the ingredients list and choose products with shorter lists and ingredients you can easily recognize. Avoid items with long lists, especially if they have additives, preservatives or artificial colors. And if there's a number or an ingredient you can’t pronounce, it's best to pass on those. In general, avoid foods that have a long shelf life.


Remember! Prana is the life force, the essence that grants us a healthy and vibrant life. It's all about those small, healthy choices we decide to make.

🎯  Quote of the week

The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition.
— Thomas Edison

🍋 Food recommendation of the week - Pomelo

Right now, citrus fruits are having their moment, delivering that much-needed vitamin C boost. Personally, I've been going all-in on pomelo. In case you're not acquainted with this gem, no worries! Picture it as the big sibling of citrus fruits, kind of like a giant grapefruit but with a milder and sweeter flavor.


Pomelo Health Benefits Made Simple!

Boosts immunity and skin health
Pomelo packs a punch of vitamin C, a superhero antioxidant that helps your immune system, keeps your skin happy and supports collagen production.

Keeps you hydrated and digesting well
Thanks to lots of water and fiber, pomelo is your friend for staying hydrated and maintaining a happy digestive system. Fiber keeps things moving smoothly and helps prevent constipation.

Nurtures heart health
The potassium in pomelo aids in keeping your heart in check by managing blood pressure. Plus, its low sodium content is a win for anyone watching out for their cardiovascular health.

Supports Weight Management
Low in calories and high in fiber, pomelo is a tasty and filling snack. It helps you manage your weight by keeping you satisfied for longer.

If you get inspired by this and try pomelo for the first time, let me know your thoughts!

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